Medical Protective Glasses

Medical Protective Glasses

Medical protective glasses, also called anti-fog goggles

Medical protective glasses  are an important part of medical surgery and daily personal protective equipment. Medical protective glasses can be divided into ordinary protective glasses and special protective glasses according to the function of use.
Medical protective glasses can be used for daily protection against the possibility of droplets splashing eyes and infecting viruses.

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  • Safety Eyewear Anti-virus Safety Glasses Safety goggles: safety eyewear anti-virus safety glasses can reduce harmful chemical liquids and viruses from entering the eyes, thereby protecting your eyes. Impact resistance: It can prevent the impact of sand particles and prevent eye discomfort caused by particles.

  • When the world is facing the danger of germs, we try to choose some personal protective equipment to reduce or block the possible invasion of germs. Common anti-virus measures, wear Personal eye safety equipment TPE / PVC goggles, wear disposable masks, disposable gloves, etc.

  • TPE / PVC Anti-virus Anti-spray Goggles;Multiple protection, effectively block blood, body fluid splash, wind and dust. High light transmission clear field of vision. Made of polymer material, it is soft and comfortable to fit the skin.

  • Virus Goggles Protective Goggles.Eye protection devices can prevent infectious substances from entering the eyes, and are usually used in combination with other personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, gowns, masks or respirators.

  • Use scenarios: prevent drooling splash eyes, anti-debris, wind and sand. Use goggles indoors and outdoors; go to work, go to work, vegetable markets, supermarkets, crowded areas must be protected to reduce the invasion of germs. Anti-spray and splash-proof goggles product advantages: Ergonomically, no oppression of the nose.

  • Goggles anti-spray, anti-splash, anti-fog Anti-spatter, anti-dust, anti-spray, anti-fog and anti-impact objects. It has high light transmission, soft and comfortable, light material, and does not press the nose for a long time.

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